Filling The Holes

I’m working on a sequel to my first two novels, the plot line tagging onto the first one. A number of readers had been asking for a sequel to that first novel, so I thought I’d let the central characters of both work together to solve a new mystery wrapped around an old one. It’s been […]

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The Unknown War

The Wind Is Not A River, by Brian Payton Did you know that during World War II, the Japanese actually invaded the American mainland? Neither did I until I followed up on the history Payton’s story was built around. Actually “mainland” may be a bit misleading; the Japanese invaded the two westernmost islands, Attu and […]

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How Do You Keep Your Writing Unique?

  This post is celebrating a new and eminently deserved day of recognition: International Authors’ Day! And if you’re the fifth person to send me an email from my website, you’ll win an e-book copy of my novella, The Blue Bicycle.   We all have our favorite writers. Personally, my greatest influences have been some of the earlier […]

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The Writer’s Eternal Quandary

Are the best writers those who simply live a detached life, perhaps, always observing the world and its people, or are they the ones who live life to the max? Is the best situation for a writer to live day to day, royalty check to royalty check? Or to have a parallel career track, such […]

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