Filling The Holes

I’m working on a sequel to my first two novels, the plot line tagging onto the first one. A number of readers had been asking for a sequel to that first novel, so I thought I’d let the central characters of both work together to solve a new mystery wrapped around an old one.


It’s been a difficult challenge. I started, not by planning the story out ahead of the writing, but by following my nose, inventing my way as I went. Some writers might be able to pull that off easily, but I found I had quite a few holes. If I were going to give readers a fun read, I’d have to plug those holes, let ’em own their own segments of the mystery.

I’m now in my third major edit, am still finding nonessential passages – and still these holes. Will it ever be airtight? I’m confident I can make it happen, but it may take three more big-time edits.


Just stay cool, Bob. You can make it happen.


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