Losing Faith in Democracy

Democracy In Retreat:The Revolt of the Middle Class and the Worldwide Decline of Representative Government, by Joshua Kurlantzick This is more of a treatise than a piece of literary nonfiction, and as with most such pieces of writing, the overlong title virtually tells the story. The author has done an admirable job of collecting data […]

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The Revolutionary Rabble

1776, By David McCullough Given the tone of the U.S. in modern times, it’s hard to imagine McCullough’s work on this book being well received. Imagine an indecisive George Washington. A Nathan Hale’s ineptness as a spy leading to his capture and hanging – and his famous quote taken from a play of the time- Cicero. […]

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Steinbeck Meets Cormac McCarthy

Red Sky in Morning, by Paul Lynch I picked this book up unrecommended at a book store, and I’m glad I did. The book’s dust jacket, naturally, touts Lynch as a new writer to be reckoned with, and this novel makes that claim real. This is Lynch’s first novel – a second due out soon […]

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A Man A Woman in Early America

Revolutionary, by Alex Myers This is an unusual book by an unusual author. Let me tell you this first: Myers is a transgender woman-to-man person, and this fact colors this first, well-crafted novel by Myers. For reasons that are rather obvious, Myers’ novel concerns the life of Deborah Samson. This is a fictionalized account of […]

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