The Human Quest. Mirrored

The Steady Running of the Hour, by Justin Go In one sense Go’s book is magnificent. In another, it’s a bit flawed. Let me explain. Perhaps a writer who reads this will see the mirrored characters, how their similar lives are different, and enjoy Go’s gift for suspense, his powers of observation translated to the […]

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The Hollowness of Deep Space

Interstellar – The Movie A friend, who had seen the movie previously, asked me to accompany her to see the flick for her second viewing. We saw it from stadium seating on the really, really big screen, the theater on Tuesday night almost empty so we could ooh and ahh to our heart’s delight. Did I […]

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Moving From Apprentice to Artist

You watch semi-talented singers being coached on American Idol and the Voice, right? They’re supposedly getting advice on how to make the best use of their talents, right? But if you’re a writer watching these shows, do irritable thoughts enter you asking, in effect, “Where’s this sort of help for writers?” Sure, there are workshops and summer […]

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Biscuits and Concrete

I sometimes feel the need to air my inner curmudgeon, and this is one of those times. I’m currently reading a book that keeps referring to concrete as cement. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this erroneous usage in print, but I do admit that some writers get it right. Still, let me say it […]

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