2014 in review

Thanks to those who tune in to Gridley Fires blog. I like to say that my followers are few, but they’re rabid and somewhat deranged. And that’s a GOOD thing. So maybe you’d like to see yourself mirrored in the below report. Thanks, have a safe but happy new year’s, and I hope you’ll urge all your […]

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Superficiality and Avoidance in Texas

Friendswood, by Rene Steinke There are several things that make a book an absorbing read. First there must be a story, compelling, if you please. The characters must be vivid, representing real, imperfect people. The writer’s diction must have impact – strong in word selection, poetic at times without seeming high-flown. Dialogue must be concise, […]

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Gifts of the Season

Whether you celebrate this season as Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Arba’een, or something other, let’s all see one another, despite our different colors, cultures, and religions, as one people. We’re here on earth to learn happiness and contentment, and to help one another in that quest. May you have a warm hearth, the gift of laughter […]

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Faith’s End and the Unknown

Waking Up – A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, by Sam Harris Neurologist and philosopher Sam Harris has been pushing the limits of both fields for some time now, and with this book, he may well lose his street cred as one who insists on accepting nothing by faith. But such a persnickety view of […]

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NY Times’ Best Books

Below, a link to the NY Times’ ten best of the year. You’ll also find a link to the 100 notable books. I’ll be posting my list – probably not ten, however – soon. NY Times Ten Best Visit my website here. Then there’s my FB Fan Page here. On both you’ll find more on […]

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The Wolf of Man

Hold the Dark, by William Giraldi The question that seems to be most on author Giraldi’s mind in Hold the Dark: Is humankind evolving or devolving? And whatever the answer one comes up with, what is the real nature of humanity, animal or something grander? We’re first treated to Russell Core, an aging naturalist with […]

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Thunderous Silence Speaking Volumes

I’ve had to let slide, for obvious reasons, promotional activities of my book from 2013, Sam’s Place: Stories. But as I begin to consider that again, I recognize that I’ve had reactions to the book ranging from “Good on ya!” to thunderous silence. Why the kudos? And why the silence? I have a fairly good grasp […]

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