A Broader Take on Story

Today’s world is ever-changing, adapting, mutating. If you see that glass half full, fine. If you see it half empty, then let’s suppose that a given new thing under your microscope hasn’t been fully fleshed out…yet. But to stay on point, what’s changed in the structure of stories, and why? I won’t cover well-trod theoretical ground, […]

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Eloquent Dystopian Writing

Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel Mandel serves up here a postmodern, dystopian novel of great skill. Now that I’m done with labeling this book, let me tell you something more nearly relevant about this fine book. A flu virus takes on the world’s people, killing some ninety-nine percent of the population. As Mandel’s story […]

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The Imperfect Novel

I thought it might be time to devote a couple of posts to some of the things that make for a great read, whether you’re a writer or reader — or both. I’ve made such comments in previous posts, but they may sometimes get lost in a post reader’s rush to see whether I liked the book […]

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