Jim Tully In Book, Music & Film

Immigrants have been our bete noire for decades, despite all they’ve done for us, so it seems a good time to salute a writer who celebrated the masses of immigrants of his day. There’s an eponymous book about Jim Tully, written by Paul Bauer and Mark Dawidziak (with a forward by Ken Burns) that inspired […]

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Yes, It’s Me. But Who Am I?

Yes, it’s me. But who am I? This is a tandem question sure to amuse writers, whether they write fiction or nonfiction. And not a few savvy readers will offer up a smile at this as well. I met a woman once who performed body massage work called Rolfing. She was also a decent folk singer and […]

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Guitar Hero Settles Down

Clapton, The Autobiography, by Eric Clapton This book wasn’t on my stack until Christmas Eve, when Bill Mattocks, blues harmonica player extraordinaire tossed it to me. End result? Having just read Keith Richards’ LIFE, reading this one was sort of like viewing seminal British blues rock through a stereoscope – certain things up front, others […]

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A Modern Minstrel

Life, by Keith Richards (With James Fox) I’ve always been fascinated with personalities – not the glamor flavor of the month, necessarily, but those who seem strong in personality, archetypes, if you will, of recurring personalities throughout history. After reading this rather long book, I have to admit that Keith Richards is one of these […]

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