The Vanity of Not Editing

I read this article on the NY Times’ Book Review today, always seeking insights from others which might better my own writing process. To me, and to most serious writers, the value of editing is obvious. So why such an article from two successful writers? To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, because common knowledge isn’t always so commonly […]

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We Are Strong, But We Are Fragile

Tomorrow, March 16, 2015, marks the official launch of Bob’s long awaited novel, WE ARE STRONG, BUT WE ARE FRAGILE, available here, where you’ll find the exciting trailer for the book, and here. Here’s the book description: Samuel II, mayor of Citadel, a Blue Ridge Mountain enclave, is determined to end the city’s wars with devolved […]

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Magic and Belief, Complete

The Magic of Reality – How We Know What’s Really True, by Richard Dawkins I picked this book from my late wife’s collection of unread books and decided to give it a try. I know a bit about the author; he’s a biologist of note, and one of a growing number of thoughtful persons claiming […]

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How Versatile Can You Get?

Friend David Frauenfelder has just this morning nominated me – and several other of his friends, including Lyn Fairchild Hawks and Susan Rountree for consideration, as Dave put it, “A Versatile Blogger Chain Thingie,” an attempt to recognize bloggers for their, well, versatility. And we’re supposed to tell readers some seven interesting things about ourselves […]

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