Fiction as Reality That Makes Sense


We writers know we have to compete in a changing market, and with the prominence of MFA program graduates, plus the added complication of self-pub writers, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. And with the digital revolution – e-books, etc. – the publishing industry is twisting in the wind.

In the past year, too, I’ve discovered that fiction (most of what I write) is losing readers to non-fiction. There are apparently a host of reasons for that, which I won’t try to enumerate here, but this does add to the challenge of becoming a financially successful fiction writer (caveat: most writers, including myself, are virtually compelled by our natures to write; thus the money issue is only the capstone to writing as hobby/craft/profession).

What are we fiction writers to make of this drift to non-fiction? Certainly, we can encourage teachers, writing facilitators, professors, and others to teach the values of fiction to the reading public. And of course, to write the best fiction we can, to keep learning about the craft of writing. The best fiction, it’s been said is more real than reality; it helps reality make sense.

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