The Sensitive But Violent Artist

      The Painter, by Peter Heller It’s always interesting to read the second novel by authors whose first was highly praised. For various reasons too numerable to name here, there’s something of a sophomore jinx afoot that trips up writers who receive literary praise perhaps too quickly in their careers. This is the […]

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The “Just Is” Life

The Narrow Road to the Deep North, by Richard Flanagan The best novels are useful tools in ways that perhaps readers never consider, i.e.; to inspire, similarly to religious texts. This may seem a rather odd comparison, but novels do tread the same ground as religious texts—not to give you rules to live by that […]

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Growing Up Is Never Easy

What happens in your life during your youngest, most formative years will likely stay with you the rest of your life. This is the challenge Artie Royal continues to face into his middle age years in our novella, THE BLUE BICYCLE. He’s a good kid, despite having lost all those people who matter to him, and […]

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Home and Heart

Sometimes it takes a push to get us out of our rut, the habits that would have us waste the precious days of our lives. And when we fail to see the love and support of those around us for what they are, well, it’s time to hit the road, to clear our senses and minds […]

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