Lost in the Winter of Manifest Destiny

For those who have read Keithley’s long, epic poem about the Donner Party – or for those of you who consider wading through such poetics a chore, there’s another book that will surely interest you: The Donner Party Chronicles, by Frank Mullen Jr./Photogtraphs by Marilyn Newton Author Mullen and photographer Newton have provided maps, illustrations, […]

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Indie Booksellers Are Adding Up

The following article from the Associate Press saw print in May, 2015. this should be good news to all avid book readers as well as writers trying to market their books. The independent bookseller community continues to expand, through new stores opening and old stores adding new locations. Core membership of the American Booksellers Association […]

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Cannibalism in Iambic Pentameter

I’ve given poetry short shrift over the past few years in this blog, partially, I believe, because modern poetry is at a crisis point. While there are a few excellent poets today, some to be remembered through time, the craft itself has fallen into nasal whining on the one hand and into a morass of […]

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Superlative Acting Amid Cliches

Sometimes doldrums take over before the summer movie blockbusters, and that’s where we seem to be in early June of 2015. So this weekend I opted for one of the most highly promoted movies of 2014, The Judge. It’s a handsomely cast movie: Robert Duvall, Vince D’Onofrio, Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Downey, Jr., and Vera […]

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A Funky Objective Correlative

Yesterday I promised a piece (which was an exercise at the VCFA Novel Retreat) using an objective correlative, or an object or some such about which a story is centered. The exercise was to write a complete one page story set in a rest room, the idea being that, set in a strange environ, new, […]

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