Tell Me A Story, Turn The Pages

If you GOOGLE “Why do we need stories?” you’ll gain some 805 million results, a good many of the top ones pretty darned interesting. Clearly, stories are a device we humans need to express…something. But what is that something? And why the universal need to express it? In order to answer this, shut the book you […]

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Birthday Afterglow

First I want to thank all those who helped me celebrate yet another year of doing what I do on planet earth. There’s an age at which the anticipation of birthdays brings excitement, sugar fixes, and partying until nap time, and another age at which you simply fasten your seat belt and hang on, hoping […]

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The Celebration of Moments

Having lost my wife last October and upon discovering three months ago that I have a serious heart condition, I find myself thinking that I’m caught between the throes of death and the possibility of being reborn a new man. What is there to life but moving from one version of it to the next? […]

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New Boss Same As The Old Boss

Once again, I’m posting on some excellent literature from a culture other than our western one, this time a well conceived piece of journalism from a young writer about the Tahrir Square revolution in Egypt. Once Upon A Revolution, by Thanassis Cambanis Books such as this one do more to allow readers to gain insight into […]

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