Living the Irish Life

Walk The Blue Fields, by Claire Keegan Story collections can be intriguing and ground breaking: witness James Joyce’s . They can also be more than the sum of their parts as well; they can operate under an overarching theme. Or they can be simply a series of disconnected stories with a common setting. The latter […]

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How To Start A War

This review is posted on the fourteenth anniversary of 9/11 – – Ed. Dead Wake – The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, by Erik Larson Writers who decide to take on a story such as this one will sit for a while, thinking, How do I tell this? What’s worth the research, the telling? Much of such […]

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The Poet’s Place

We here at Gridley Fires have been grossly neglectful when it comes to presenting poetry. In an attempt to atone for that, we’ve asked the very talented poet, Jane Curran, to write something for the blog. As poets will do, she surprised us with the imaginative piece below. It’s not a poem, but it’s all about […]

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