The River of Literature and Truth

This quote speaks to the enduring life behind literature. Literature is kind of like religious scripture; it manifests enduring truths and values wrapped in the clothing of its various eras, whereas the various scriptures are frozen in the time of their writing. “I can’t speak for readers in general, but personally I like to read stories […]

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Reading as Conversation

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. ~Joseph Addison ~ I’ve always believed this. Reading is very similar to an engrossing conversation with a friend in which you both explore ideas, some of which you may not agree with. And the conversation is always there, to be redone again. As such, […]

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The Look of Love

I had a conversation last night with a very good friend about a subject related to the quote below. While love seems an abstract in this day and age, what would you say is its manifestation? Children? Family? Spouse? Friends? Your nation? All these factor in, but what of all that is yours to “own?” Yourself, […]

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The Long and Short of Story

Doris Betts, my mentor, told me one day that you’re either innately a short story writer or a novelist. She didn’t mean one couldn’t be the other; she simply meant that one’s nature leaned toward either the short story or the novel. I’ve quoted Lawrence Block below on the rigors of novel writing. I don’t necessarily […]

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