The New Slavery

  Mycroft Holmes, by Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse For those who haven’t read the Sherlock Holmes stories religiously, Mycroft is Sherlock’s older brother. Jabbar, who apparently has read the Holmes mysteries avidly, has decided that there is much to make of Mycroft apart from Sherlock and Watson. And so he’s created a very […]

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While Burnside’s quote seems all too true from a distance, today it proves dreary and too monochromatic to engage my senses. It’s days like this that make me yearn for spring. Snow isn’t just pretty. It also cleanses our world and our senses, not just of the soot and grime of a Fife mining town […]

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Taking It Lying Down

Lying Awake, by Mark Salzman I rarely read such books, and when I do it’s principally because someone has thrust them on me. Not always, though. I agreed to give this one a read because of its seeming parallel to a book by one of my favorite writers, Ron Hansen: Mariette in Ecstasy. But the […]

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Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all. ~ Abraham Lincoln ~ Lincoln’s quote reveals the real value of literature. Truth, the deepest observations of humankind, never really changes in its essence. It simply puts on the clothes of the time and society it’s written in.

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To Kill or Be Killed

Bull Mountain, by Brian Panowich There are only a few types of novels these days, although the form is replicating itself. We have the stud of the twenty-first century, the literary novel, with its various permutations, and we have the genre novel, where most writers learn and earn their bones. Newly minted writer Brian Panowich […]

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Reading Makes You Smarter?

There’s been a lot said and written in past years – particularly since the advent of tweets, blog posts, and e-mail – about the value of snippet reading. It’s a great way to amass information, they say. But let me work the other side of the fence for a moment. Yes, those snippets will allow […]

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