What Makes The Master Writer?

  Thumbing through the latest New Yorker issue (March 28, 2016) turned up a pleasant surprise: a short story, “My Purple Scented Novel,” by Ian McEwan, probably today’s most highly regarded English novelist. Predictably for me, the story proved as satisfying as cold watermelon on a hot North Carolina summer day. Then I began to wonder: What […]

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Thirteen Hours In Benghazi, The Inside Account of What Really Happened, by Mitchell Zuckoff Journalism has been expanding it reach, particularly since 9-11, when the U.S.’s invincibility began being called into question, and the world stage became a much more complicated place. In times of political transition world-wide, nothing is certain; there are no rules, […]

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The Big Short – Movie Review

    I’ve pretty much gotten out of the habit of seeing movies in a theater – or as an old country friend of mine calls them, walk-in picture shows. Part of it is I have enough physical discomfort to make theater seating an ordeal and, I suppose, the threat that someone who carries what remains of […]

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The Big Why

The Girls of Usually, by Lori Horvitz When you take a creative writing course in college, you’ll no doubt have a professor like Lori Horvitz, and if you display some talent and follow the professor’s guidance, you’ll write some well constructed non-fiction pieces similar to those in The Girls of Usually. Ms. Horvitz has led […]

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