The Perils of Business and Personality


The Silver Lining Betrayals – A Novel, by S.J. Fairchild

One of the great things about the novel is that it’s always evolving, and with The Silver Lining Betrayals, Fairchild has broken new textual ground, both in genre and style. This book is all about the business of business, and Fairchild has captured the manner in which business is both carried forward and held back by human inventiveness and foible.

Pug James is a gifted inventor/businessman, who has come up with a revolutionary product he calls the IPS 10000 dissipater, which promises to set a new paradigm for appliances worldwide. He sets up a company to license and sell this new product, but the aptly named Pug is irascible and combative. Intrigue within and without the company begins to set in and, despite Pug’s gifts as head of this venture, his business connections start to betray him. The book is about Pug as much as it’s about the business and its product, how Pug’s personality is so closely linked to the success of his product, his company, and all those around him.

Fairchild knows his subject. He grew up in a family business, worked internationally, and gives insight here, in great detail, of the creativity and machinations necessary to carry a business forward in aggressive fashion. The story line has elements of mystery, murder, and suspense as well as giving the reader a primer on the fragile nature and interdependence of international business ventures. His style is somewhat experimental; he weaves inner dialogue near-seamlessly into conversational passages, and allows the reader to judge Pug clinically on his successes and failures rather than on narrative judgments.

For a first novel, it’s a success in this reader’s view, and a worthy read, although quite dense in its exposition of technical and business matters.


My rating 16 of 20 stars



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