To Read Or Listen, That’s The Question



This week, when a technician stopped by to install a security gizmo for me, he quickly made note of my book collection and bemoaned the fact that as a newlywed he hardly had time to read any more. But, he added, I listen to audiobooks now when I’m on the road.

So I offered him a free copy of an audiobook for my story collection, Sam’s Place, and he gobbled it up. (NOTE: I still have a few free audiobook copies of that book, so if you want a copy, let me know. It’s the complete book, not a teaser.)

But as this article makes clear, there are no clear cut advantages to either print or audio books. For myself, I think reading a book, whether print or digital, requires a bit more participation by the reader than audio, but that’s a close call.

Let me know what you think.


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2 thoughts on “To Read Or Listen, That’s The Question

  1. I find audio books quite satisfying and uses otherwise wasted (driving) time. Although on occasion I have, through habit, gone to the wrong destination and sometimes sat in the car for extra minutes to finish a section. Not unlike reading.
    Sitting in a chair and reading? I save that for magazines. I find magazine articles to be better appreciated in short bursts that allow for back-of-the-mind mulling after reading one or a few.

    1. Sounds like audio books can be as dangerous to one’s attention while driving as a smart phone. That back-of-the-mind mulling you mentioned happens to me in breaks while reading novels. As well as when reading magazines and newspapers. Thanks for the comment, Frank.

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