Pseudonyms and Pap

  I’m amazed at how many times, when someone learns I’m a published writer, I’m asked if I use a pseudonym. The exchange usually goes like this: “No, I use my real name. Why?” A lot of people use pseudonyms. I’d think you wouldn’t want people to know you use your real name.” “Why’s that?” […]

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A Weekend With Tessa

This weekend I’m dog-sitting for a friend. My charge is a rescue dog, a female named Tessa, about seven years old, and part boxer, part terrier – we think. Like all rescue dogs I’ve seen, she’s wary of other people and animals. She does, however, defend her home turf valiantly, barking fiercely when some unknown […]

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Not Every Story Paints a Picture

She Loves Me Not – New and Selected Stories, by Ron Hansen I’m old school, I admit it. I do tinker with structure when I’m writing, but not enough to take away from the major tenets of the short story or novel: character development, moving story forward in the Aristotlean manner of rising action, climax, […]

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A Personal Note

On April 18th, I had to pay the piper. Actually the heart surgeon. My problems were few, but I’d had my heart’s mitral valve damaged many years ago by a high fever, and it finally came home to roost a year ago. Because of the faulty valve, I’d developed atrial fibrillation, or Afib, and that […]

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