A Personal Note


On April 18th, I had to pay the piper. Actually the heart surgeon. My problems were few, but I’d had my heart’s mitral valve damaged many years ago by a high fever, and it finally came home to roost a year ago. Because of the faulty valve, I’d developed atrial fibrillation, or Afib, and that necessitated repairing the valve. Or replacing it.

As it turned out, the surgeon did repair the valve and performed a procedure on the atrium to make the Afib go away. Both  were a success, but the Afib will disappear slowly. Now I’m back home, but with a weak heart, and so there’s three months of physical therapy before me to strengthen the heart.

All this to say that the PT will cut into me reading time for the next three months in considerable fashion, so my reports here may be brief and infrequent.

Please bear with me as I get through this. Feel free to read older posts, ones you may have missed.


Visit my website here. Then there’s my FB Fan Page here. On both you’ll find more on ideas and events that matter to me — and possibly to you.

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