Writing The Big Review

    There are tons of source material for writing book reviews, from those by pros in glossy magazines to the smallest, most humble blog. In my last post I offered one way to write the review in short form, i.e., a review you might write for a book on Amazon. And I promised to give you […]

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Writing That Review

    Having a new book out is a happy event, but it does generate some work. Collateral Damage and Stories launched on June 2 of this year, and for the first time I felt that the review agencies felt the book worthy of hiring a publicist. I settled on a publicist late in the […]

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From Book To TV Series?

If you’re an avid reader (excuse the cliche, please!), you just may be familiar with Meg Wolitzer’s fine novel, The Interestings. A group of stoned kids at summer camp give themselves this title (We’re the most interesting people in this place!), and the book follows them into their adult years – their marriages, their careers, […]

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Abstractions and Real Life

    I ended up a year or so with a magazine subscription to The American Scholar. (It’s published by Phi Beta Kappa; I had nowhere near that academic track record, thus I sometimes feel like an outlier when I first open an issue.) However, it’s not as academically inclined as you might think; most […]

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