From Book To TV Series?


If you’re an avid reader (excuse the cliche, please!), you just may be familiar with Meg Wolitzer’s fine novel, The Interestings. A group of stoned kids at summer camp give themselves this title (We’re the most interesting people in this place!), and the book follows them into their adult years – their marriages, their careers, their personal ups and downs.


Now Amazon has made a pilot of this book. You can watch it for sure if you have Amazon Prime and their app for movies. As with all books turned to cinema, it’s not quite the same as the book – which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. In fact, I rather liked the pilot. The casting and acting are well done, and the screenplay mimics the book quite well. Still, it’s different; it reminds me of another movie from the eighties, Indian Summer. Same initial setting, same sort of character interplay.

Oh who am I kidding? It’s very nearly a soap opera. But then doesn’t every drama on TV strive to be one? This one deserves some attention, though. It’s smart, witty, edgy.

And another thing. Apparently you have to vote on which pilot your prefer. If The Interestings gets the most, it goes forward in production and is shown on Amazon…if you pay up and have Prime. So give it a watch. Vote. TV watchers deserve this one, even alt TV watchers who pay for Prime, like me.


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