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Having a new book out is a happy event, but it does generate some work. Collateral Damage and Stories launched on June 2 of this year, and for the first time I felt that the review agencies felt the book worthy of hiring a publicist. I settled on a publicist late in the publishing process and barely gave my team enough time to do their job.

Part of that job was handed off to me, meaning having my loyal readers read the book and write a review on Amazon. I’ll have to say that many responded, “Yes, I will!” and for that I’ll be eternally grateful.  Some of those didn’t feel able to articulate a proper review, so I thought it might be in the best interests of all readers out there to give a couple of thoughts on writing book reviews.

First, there’s the short version – and that’s perfectly fine for Amazon-type reviews. This version involves just two to four sentences. In it answer these questions:

  • Did you enjoy the book?
  • Did the characters strike you as realistic?
  • Did the story line bog down, or did it keep you turning pages to see what happens next?
  • Your overall impression of the book

This sort of review works fine for fiction, but it works pretty well for biographies, memoirs, non-fiction adventures and the like, too.

One day this week, I’ll spell out some of the key elements of the longer book review, should you dear readers want to chance one of those.


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