A Serialized Story

One of the stories in my SAM’S PLACE – STORIES collection was broken into fourteen serialized chapters, something Hemingway did in at least one of his collections. My fourteen serialized chapters manage to link together the entire collection, but they stand alone as a cohesive story. Over the next two weeks, these fourteen will appear here […]

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A Really Great Review

We writers read for enjoyment, yes, but try as we might, we find ourselves sizing up the competition. At first we gain prototypes from which we learn. As we continue to grow in technique and possibly in talent, we try to fit ourselves into the panoply of writers: the famous, who make the money; the geniuses, […]

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The Power of Flash Fiction

Flashes of War, by Katey Schultz Sadly, there’s a lot to write about war in recent years, and there’s sameness to much of what’s written about it, whether fiction of non-fiction. The horror of combat, in which one’s mortality is constantly at the fore. The comradeship between combatants, something hopelessly misunderstood by most readers. And […]

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We Are One, We Are The World

Listening to two presidents give eulogies yesterday for the five Dallas policemen killed by an angry, sniper-styled person, I came to the conclusion that these two men, at least, get it. I won’t paraphrase these two separately; what they said in their eulogies had its significance more in common words and feelings than in separation […]

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