Language and the Limits of Being Human



Everyone feels that we’re in unique times, but as a writer, I have to wonder what we’ll write as the world and its people traverse these interesting times.

  • Will history take off in some unexpected direction?
  • Will we head into space, explore the “final frontier?”
  • Will human nature itself change?

Having spent the decades of my life – as an ancillary exercise – in trying to plumb life on planet earth, in learning what is to be expected from human nature in the throes of massive change, I feel a bit weak in the knees in trying to put words to it.

But the writer in me does relish such a prospect. Because, you see, none of the things that might change – the potential morphing of human reality into some new and strange creature and direction, for instance, can be made corporeal until subjected to the limits of language.

This may sound contradictory and perhaps downright wrong, but that’s always been the relationship between humanity’s strange, part corporeal, part transcendent reality and our attempts to reflect that reality through story.

We writers may stumble over our own words as we do this, but eventually we’ll leave a damn good picture of this era’s evolving human for the future’s even stranger versions of humanity to contemplate.


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