We Are One, We Are The World


Listening to two presidents give eulogies yesterday for the five Dallas policemen killed by an angry, sniper-styled person, I came to the conclusion that these two men, at least, get it. I won’t paraphrase these two separately; what they said in their eulogies had its significance more in common words and feelings than in separation of tone, of relative ability to articulate thoughts.

René Descartes famously linked the reality of his existence to his ability to have thoughts; i.e., “I think, therefore I am.” In a time when our ability to understand the world we live in was discrete, separated into this science, that moral quality, this person, that as-yet-unformed opinion, Descartes was right. But I submit that he didn’t dig deep enough into his maxim to uncover its true philosophical floor.

Meaning what?

Meaning there is no separate mind for each of these presidents. Meaning there is only one mind, and it’s universal. Thus these two presidents, each so different from the other, expressed their sadness, their hope for America and its people, their belief that we are not a divided people, from different modes of understanding, and they articulated these understandings so differently.

Still, their message was  the same.


We’re entering an age of intuitive ability, and that can mean – at least to a limited extent – easy answers. And because answers and truth will seem to flow so very easily, we’re going to be tempted not to put our intuitive insights about the world’s problems – and our personal ones – through the rigors of reason. The glib fools of the world will spout nonsense that we will accept at face value unless we test said nonsense against our own intuitive sense of what’s real, what’s not. Because such foolishness is in that universal mind, too.

Universal mind, we’ll discover, contains silliness as well as gravity. Understanding as well as confusion. Lies as well as truth. Universal mind isn’t simple; far from it. It’s complicated and mysterious, and each of us is hopelessly enmeshed within it. Let us embrace our intuited ideas, but let’s not forget to test them – and those of others as the age of enlightenment taught us. But let’s not test our ideas to the point of divisiveness, focusing on the uniquenesses that separate them. Instead, let’s do as two presidents did yesterday – – speak from the heart, from separate life perspectives, but from the depths of mind, where even those separate perspectives yield common truths.


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