I’m Back

My computer is back with a new hard drive, my wallet is thinner, and I’ll be resuming the story episodes I was posting a month or so ago. It’s great to be back!

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Random Concerns of Late Summer

The good California folks rescuing my intellectual property from the fried hard drive called yesterday to tell me the data rescue had been successful, that my data is on the way back to the Right Coast, or thereabouts. Now I need to figure out why my external hard drive wasn’t saving that most important data. […]

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A Moment of Mental Self-Stimulation

I’ve just been reading a friend’s blog. He’s written something rather arcane as the blogosphere goes, i.e., about the connectivity of past, present and future. Which of course sets me to wondering: I’ve never quite considered his angle before. So let’s do so: Many spiritualists exhort us to live in the moment. And the question for […]

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Here I sit, thrumming bony fingers on my desk. No word on progress in retrieving data from my fried hard drive. And after repeated phone calls to the water works to have them answer for an outrageously priced water bill, the phone’s not ringing with said explanation. Perhaps it’s some wry form of poetic justice that […]

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A Technical Interlude

For those wondering why the sudden cessation in the story, I have this to report: My hard drive fried. It works in tandem with a fusion drive, which makes things happen quicker, but it’s hard to retrieve data with this configuration. Both drives had to be sent to a specialist in California, who has  to […]

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