A Moment of Mental Self-Stimulation

I’ve just been reading a friend’s blog. He’s written something rather arcane as the blogosphere goes, i.e., about the connectivity of past, present and future. Which of course sets me to wondering: I’ve never quite considered his angle before. So let’s do so: Many spiritualists exhort us to live in the moment. And the question for this Sunday morning is whether each of an infinite series of “nows” is separate and discrete or whether “now” is essentially an illusion.


Is it possible to live in an eternal now? If so, then if “now”is a long string of such moments, isn’t it possible, indeed likely, that there can be little or no connection between them? Similarly to the discrete nonsense that are thoughts that just pop into your mind, having no relation to one another? If this is the case, then how can the past, present, and future be connected?

But what if this business of “now” is simply a state of mind? A mood or attitude? We all know that each moment’s experience doesn’t have to be continuous. For example, you’re driving to work, thinking about a problem you’re to solve in your profession. Suddenly, someone T-bones you at an intersection. You’re unconscious, and the next thing you know  you wake up in the E.R.

If living in the moment means approaching such discord with equanimity of mind, then the continuity we’re considering is transcendent to the ups and downs, the random and disconnected events of life. Such things as past, present, and future, then, become mental constructs, a way of speaking about the way things in life already considered and  dispensed with bear on what our mental energy seems currently preoccupied with, and how that experience and preoccupation build expectations.

You see? We’re so hard-wired to think of life in terms of past, present, and future because we’re so attached to the physical objects and situations of our minds. In mind, then, you can begin to build an attitude that allows you not to be swallowed by such end-result attachment. Then this whole thing of past, present, and future goes away.


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One thought on “A Moment of Mental Self-Stimulation

  1. Exactly, mental constructs! LOL. Fun contemplating such movement and connections, or the lack of apparent connections as we pursue our living. Even now, we can question, did I create you, or did you create me? (Or maybe I’m writing to myself, and I don’t realize it.) Which reminds me of a wonderful short story I once read, about a woman with a perfect life. But when she dies, everyone around her begin disappearing, because they existed only as part of her perfect life.

    It was science fiction, of course. Cheers

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