Random Concerns of Late Summer

The good California folks rescuing my intellectual property from the fried hard drive called yesterday to tell me the data rescue had been successful, that my data is on the way back to the Right Coast, or thereabouts. Now I need to figure out why my external hard drive wasn’t saving that most important data. Or maybe I should invest in some cloud or other. But those are concerns for next week.

Next week will also provide a peek at the area around my bionic knee. It seems, as the orthopedic said, I have a loose screw. There! On the knee! Damn you, joke-mongers!


Otherwise, things look good. The mended heart is slowly, maddeningly slowly, strengthening, although I’m still occasionally gasping for breath. What with my current inability to finish the 60s novel’s first draft (I’m already thinking of a  few revisions), I have leisure time now and find myself drifting toward my classical guitar for the first time in ages. It’s always good to reacquaint with old friends. And by the way, my comments on the publisher’s “improvements” on my  WWII novel are made and emailed to the publisher. Ball’s in your court once again, Omonomany.

The Olympics spectacle is over, the Braves are sitting all too comfortably in last place, and I’m not yet thinking of football. How long before college hoops begins?


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2 thoughts on “Random Concerns of Late Summer

  1. Ah, what the hell – a good joke on me is still a joke. Yeah, Michael, not my favorite year. But as someone told me, you gotta break some eggs whenever you want to cook an omelet.

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