Facts Don’t Make A Fiction

It’s abnormal and absolutely strange for me not to be reading a book a week – or nearly so. The knee – my new metal one – is the duly appointed culprit in this “good habit breakdown.” If you’ve never had a modern knee replacement and gone through the discomfort of physical therapy, you don’t […]

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Bob’s Music Slays Madame

Dag, Marte, and the chairperson sat for a long while—well over an hour—for their audience with the Nobel president. While they sat, a parade of other persons entered, spoke to the receptionist, and after a minute or two entered the president’s inner sanctum. “What goes?” Dag said occasionally, loud enough for the receptionist to hear […]

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A Debate Slowly Won

The lanky committee member seemed to wither under the chairperson’s poetic sensibility. He stacked his papers, bowed his head, jaw clamped shut. “All right, then,” said the chair, “If you don’t want Dylan, whom do you want? And why?” The room swelled with an uproar of opinions. Some wanted Haruki Murakami, the Japanese novelist who had been […]

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An Argument Breaks Out In Norway

I’ve just read Bob Dylan’s letter of acceptance to the Nobel Committee. Having done so and giving it one more modicum of thought, I find myself hovering over the Nobel deliberations. “Bob Dylan?” one incredulous member of the Nobel Committee, a blond and balding, pear-shaped man said. “Why, he’s nothing but an itinerant folk singer.” Two others […]

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Dylan and The Writer’s Journey

I’m still thinking about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel this year for Literature, and my previously caustic attitude toward his being so honored has been softening. Nobels are normally capstones to careers, and much as I’d like to think Dylan will keep on writing his genre-busting, earth-shaking lyrics and songs, I think that at age 75 he’s […]

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