A God By Any Other Name

On Mysticism, by Jorge Luis Borges For many, mysticism conjures laughable things. Others allow it to be the freeway to their concept of God. In Borge’s thinking, at least as far as this thin volume of essays goes, mysticism in hidden somewhere in the plumbing of science, philosophy, novels, poetry, or perhaps the urge to […]

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How Much Editing Is Enough?

You’ve had a request for your complete manuscript from an agent or editor. Suddenly your mouth goes dry. Your knees are shaky. Is your manuscript REALLY ready for prime time? OR Let’s say you’re a DIY person, and you publish yourself through Amazon or Smashwords, or some other self publishing organ. Will your readers toss your book […]

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The Dystopia of The Self

With the overwhelming presence of dystopian literature and movies these days it would seem that, if you believe art a precursor to real world happenstances, the human experiment is on its last legs. After all, there’s so much to prove art the forerunner to failures of social, political, religious, and scientific import. Then there’s the […]

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A Shot to the Gut

Nutshell, by Ian McEwan One of the challenges to writing fiction is deciding on a narrator. Is it your protagonist? The author – on the outside looking in? Some wild and wacky personage – dare I say improbable? McEwan, always inventive in his compact little novellas, has decided to have an unborn child narrate Nutshell. […]

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Trifling With Time

I stayed up late last night reading an article about the manner in which German writer W. G. Sebald dealt with time in his novels, particularly in The Immigrants and Austerlitz (I recommend both of these fine books). If you’re a writer, or if you’ve taken literature courses, you surely know some of the structural and grammatical […]

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