Hardball Publishing and Selling


Okay, tooting my own horn begins today, and I’ll begin with my first novel. A REASON TO TREMBLE was originally published in Canada. Because of the dollar exchange between the U.S. and Canada, the company was able to sell books in the U.S. at prices below comparable books published here. But Canada has to depend on American distributors, and so the U.S. publishers apparently made a deal with the U.S. distributors to hold up to $1 million worth of U.S. sales for my publisher. Since many publishers like mine depend on cash flow to stay in business, my publisher went broke.

Long story short, I obtained the rights to A REASON TO TREMBLE, but didn’t do anything with those rights for a while. My company had an original run for my book of 10,000 copies, and were to have destroyed the unsold copies, some 7500 of them, per my agreement. This didn’t happen, and these copies began showing up for sale on the Internet.

This was my first book published and an icy bath in the hardball business of book publishing and selling. Probably tainted by the book’s history, I found no subsequent publishers, so I published it through Create Space, and that’s the version that’s out there now.

If you find this title in mass market paperback, please don’t buy it; instead, show some love to the one with this cover:


What’s the story? A young girl, Emily Shane, is riding home from dance lessons after sundown on her bike in the fictional town of Hope, Georgia, and is struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. Father Pat seeks the unknown killer, hoping to gain revenge for his daughter’s death, but the task is quickly taken up by Pat’s brother Jason, a down-on-his-luck Vietnam veteran. Before long, most of the population of Hope is involved, and Jason’s search reaches into the highest levels of government.

I chose originally to write in the mystery genre, and my efforts remained there through my second book, which will be profiled tomorrow.


Visit my website here, where you’ll find more information and a book trailer for A REASON TO TREMBLE. There’s also a Facebook fan page if you can find it. On both you’ll find more on ideas and events that matter to me — and possibly to you.


2 thoughts on “Hardball Publishing and Selling

  1. The publishing world is as daunting as a unlit, unfamiliar cave. I don’t like tooting my writing horn, either. The business side just drains me. But, as you say, it’s necessary.

    I’ve read and enjoyed two of your books. I like your characterizations. You have strong, clear, genuine people with multiplex connections with society, history and one another. I love those complexities but you write with a clarity, so I’m never confused about what happened or what’s going on.

    Thanks for your honest insights, and good luck, mon ami. Cheers

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