Magic as Metaphor




Some story collections are simply that – stories you’ve saved that may have been published in literary journals and the like, stories that hopefully have some thread connecting them, no matter how tenuous that thread might be. This is the case with Collateral Damage and Stories. AM Ink saw fit to publish this collection too, although only two of the stories had been published previously.

To me, the big draw would be the very long story (you can call it a novella), Collateral Damage, and from the comments I’ve heard to date, readers are drawn to this story. In fact, thanks to promo work by MindBuck Media, I had a rather glowing review of this collection from the Asheville Citizen-Times, and this novella sat center stage in the review. I hesitate to call this collection magical realism (it’s not), but elements of each of the stories strain the limits of credulity.

In writing this sort of story, these “magical” bits are really metaphorical elements that allow the author to hammer at certain points to be made without seeming preachy or didactic. For instance, in one story, a “magical” baseball allows the writer to speak of the obsession with sports while allowing the baseball to assume a rather charming role in the story.

There wasn’t much to speak of in the way of angst in getting the collection published. Since I have a relationship with Mike Aloisi of AM Ink, I asked if he’d like to see the collection (he did), he offered to publish it, and to date it’s doing quite well. This, then, is how it happens on one side of the established hybrid publishing tandem. Tomorrow,  the other side of hybrid.


Visit my website here, where you’ll find more information and a book trailer for COLLATERAL DAMAGE and STORIES. There’s also a Facebook fan page if you can find it. On both you’ll find more on ideas and events that matter to me — and possibly to you.



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