The Prisons of Home

A Piece of the World, by Christina Baker Kline The world of fiction is an organic, living one. That is to say, in regard to Kline’s fine book, there is a growing number of ways to write a biography. (Having written and soon to have published a similar biographic novel about one Hans Ulrich Rudel, […]

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A Jones I Never Anticipated

I think I’m an addict. No, no, not what you have in mind; not street skag and not the more commonly accepted uptown coke. Certainly not opioids, although I have a longstanding prescription for a small amount to help me deal with persistent knee and leg pain. It’s writing, I think. It’s my compulsion to write that has […]

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Rock ’n’ Roll, Minute by Minute

Testimony, by Robbie Robertson As with so many music fans, I loved The Band’s music. It harkened to history, but while doing so it had a way of being contemporary. I had thought the bandmates would have done that on purpose, but no, they weren’t that self-aware. Instead they loved old fashioned rock ’n’ roll, […]

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I Don’t Mind The Time Spent At All

  I haven’t been writing at all of late, and reading has been a few pages just before bedtime. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t been spending time on literature and writing. My WWII bio-novel, “The Third Reich’s Last Eagle,” is out now in pre-publicity form for readers to review, and the reviews I’ve been soliciting have […]

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