I Don’t Mind The Time Spent At All



I haven’t been writing at all of late, and reading has been a few pages just before bedtime. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t been spending time on literature and writing. My WWII bio-novel, “The Third Reich’s Last Eagle,” is out now in pre-publicity form for readers to review, and the reviews I’ve been soliciting have been positive across the board, from what I hear from the publisher. Since the book wraps it’s writerly arms around the whole war on the eastern front, there’s been a call for maps in the book, and we’ve been spit-balling how best to do that without raising the book’s cost unduly.

On the other hand, I’ve finished my memoir, “In This Love Together,” the story of my two decades with departed wife, Becca, focusing on her time with cancer. I’ve established my own publishing company, Gridley Fires Books, and the memoir will be the initial book launched through GFB. Of course, this is almost like another full time job, but I find I’m loving that, too. Or I will once I get through making all the beginner’s mistakes. I’m expending a lot of effort too in recouping the rights to my previously published works and republishing them under GFB. So my turn from writing and reading sure ain’t due to spring fever!

Incidentally, with the launch of “In This Love Together,” officially set for June first, I want to encourage everyone to read this book and help me get the word out about its publication. Cancer strikes down so many these days, and while there’s tons of money being poured into treating the two hundred-some varieties of cancer, as well as cancer research, there’s all too little to show for the effort. The memoir has been good for me personally in coming to terms with Becca’s struggle with the disease, but I hope it will light a fire within the international conversation about this dread family of diseases. So PLEASE help me make this book a success in both arenas. 

I’m finding that this break in everyday writing is a good thing. It helps me gain more insight into the stranger turns world society is undergoing these days. I write regularly here about the place story takes in our collective consciousness, and I sense I’m not the only one voicing that concern. At last, story seems to be once more taking its rightful place in today’s literature.


So, given such a late start in writing and publishing, I feel I’m just now reaping the rewards of over twenty years of apprenticeship in things literary. There’s been frustration a lot of hours logged in before my computer, and not a few late, sleepless nights. But I don’t mind at all. Hopefully, I have many more miles to travel down this road.


Visit my website here, where you’ll find more information on my books. There’s also a Facebook fan page if you can find it. On both you’ll find more on ideas and events that matter to me — and possibly to you.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Mind The Time Spent At All

  1. Yes, I’m amazed how many friends, relatives and acquaintances cancer has struck in the last three years. Most survived but we remember and celebrate a few that don’t. Looking forward to you book, Bob. Cheers

  2. I just lost a friend who was married to my best friend in high school and all the years between. He had to types of cancer, or a type that spread to two places. I hope to be at the funeral tomorrow. I want that book about your wife’s struggles with the dread disease of cancer. The American Cancer Society was begun when three physicians got together in 1910. I did all I could for ten years by going to schools to try to educate children about hazards of smoking in the springtime and to educate them about proper foods in November. There are many more types of cancer now and I don’t have any answers. Two of my siblings had different types of cancer after our Mother beat the dread disease of breast cancer. Thanks for allowing me to get upon my soapbox. Virginia Stallard Boggs Jenny

    1. Quite all right, Jenny. I don’t want to be conspiratorial, but there’s a lot of money to be made from cancer treatments, drugs, etc and I have to wonder if cancer research is being taken seriously enough. Sorry to hear about your friend; so many are dealing with cancer. I’ll be sure you get a copy of the book.

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