Kiddies Can Be Curious

This week I’m beginning something new – something I’m barely aware of – books for kids, i.e., kid lit. I’m starting it off with a new series begun by a civil engineer from Atlanta – Sammy Powell. In my estimation Powell has natural storytelling skills for this age group, and as a result he’s a pretty darned good writer. If you can’t support his books directly, please tell your friends who can to see this website.

Thanks, Bob

The Fox Tree_Book_1_Front Cover


The Fox Tree – The Amazing Adventures of Sara Rae and Little John Polk, by Sammy Powell

One carry-over from our evolutionary roots is our innate curiosity. We learn by instruction at home, at the office, at school – and as do animals, by forays into the seemingly unknown worlds manifested by curiosity. Fledgling children’s books author, Sammy Powell, plays up this theme in the first of his The Fox Tree Chronicles.

Sara and Little John Polk discover a pair of magical arrowheads and wonder how they work as they turn them, rub them. Suddenly they find themselves in a time warp – but in the same place as before. They are quickly taken captive, afraid they’ll be half-hanged and beaten near death. But through youth’s wits and pirate dumb-foundedness they once again seize the day and end it at home with an extraordinary tale they can entrust to no one. Still, curiosity pushes them on toward Book 2.

Mr. Powell has crafted an artful tale for people in the 6 to 8 year-old age bracket; doubly impressive for a first effort. His vocabulary challenges but doesn’t intimidate, his story line makes it easy to travel in that fey world, but doesn’t overwhelm, as a barrow full of hobbits might. Powell, a working civil engineer, who moonlights with a rock band, has yet another talent to add to his resume.
My rating: 18 of 20 stars


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