The Oddness of a Writer’s Life

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted here. There are reasons galore. A second round of pneumonia in the last few months almost kayoed me, but no worries – I’m better now. Too, there are more things in a writer’s life other than punching out stories on the computer, and sometimes they gladden the heart. First, My WWII novel, which finally gained a name, “The Third Reich’s Last Eagle,” was nominated for an award by the Military Writers Society of America, and in fact won one, a bronze medal (tied for third place in the Society’s 2017 competition for Historical Fiction) at this year’s gathering in San Antonio. Got to see the famed Alamo and the River Walk and then hurriedly packed myself off to the Ozarks and what passes for me as a vacation.


I traveled there with a group I’d been with before, caught up with a number of old friends, and made quite a few new ones. Strange things happen to me sometimes, and I was encouraged to offer up a geometry lesson, geometry being one of my passions (okay, I know that’s strange, but I’m good with that.)


During that time I drowned my iPhone in a lodge’s Jacuzzi, fell in the dark over a half-buried log into a stone sluice, and damn dear broke my glasses. (No, no drinking involved.) But the night air was cool and clear, making for nights of excellent stargazing.

So there it is: a few of the more unusual moments of a writer’s life.

I came home to a stack of chores I still haven’t worked to the bottom, and have done little reading since. But my next post will take on the subject of a couple of books I bought to get me through my travels. Talk to you soon.

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