DNA of the Gods – The Annunaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity, by Chris H. Hardy


I came to this book largely because of it’s title – I’d been looking for some scientific explanation for the origin of DNA; what I’d been finding, though, was an acceptance of the existence of DNA and little more, other than that of its inner workings. And this book did nothing to further my desired explanation. In the end the book took on other, rather radical subject matter.

First of all, let me allow you to treat this book as:
Science fiction
A Biblical correlate
Complete hokum

But before you choose (e), read what Prof. Hardy has to say. However you set this book in genre, be advised that her argument is well thought out. Her exposition of the argument, however, is scattered and difficult to assemble from a reader’s standpoint.
To begin, her researched, footnotes, and bibliographed story comes from other research data and translations of Sumerian writings that are being discovered in massive amounts. Sumer, in case you’re unfamiliar, predates other Middle Eastern civilizations, and by many accounts preceded the Egyptian and Babylonian ones that we know so much about. The research she draws from heads in two directions:
1 – it correlates with the Book of Genesis in the Christian Bible.
2 – it, at least from her interpretations of present material, disputes some of the Christian version, and further sees humanity as not products purely of evolution but also of exo-beings’ tinkering.


And what a position she stakes out! Dr. Hardy is an ethnologist and cognitive scientist by training, and her worth on Sumer’s history comes from that. Along with the work of Jung. I won’t go into detail, but from the literal translations of Sumer writings, she concludes that a group of extraterrestrials from a planet, Nibiru, destined to die from aggravations that are similar to those beginning to plague Earth today. A couple hundred thousand years ago, these off-worlders, called Annunaki here, settled an outpost on Earth and began to toy with the DNA of our evolutionary ancestors. These proto-humans were first used as slaves, and then a kindly pair of Annunakis began further tweaking the slave DNA until they became self aware and able to “be as the gods.” (The Annunaki were gods to these hapless but promising future humans.)

Dr. Hardy disputes much of other interpretations, based as mentioned above, on her anthropological training and talent. But her account of the Sumerian writings leaves us humans as created in the form of these Annunaki – for better and for worse.

My rating: 15 of 20 stars.

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  1. Frank Shyjka says:

    Try reading “The Vital Question”

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