The Rear View Mirror

Any blogger worth their salt knows to evaluate what (s)he writes about and knows to give potential readers something that interests them. The trick, of course, is to, well, trick them into digging deeper that they’ve gone before, making them think in new ways about their interests. I call that looking in the rear view […]

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Anything You Want to Believe

before…,by Bob Fickes   I have no biases when it comes to reading. anything from acclaimed history to channelled things from way on the far end of the bell curve. This book claims to be material channelled by author Fickes via the famed magician of Camelot, Merlin, and purports to be “the missing records of […]

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Getting That Writerly Feedback

While on the subject of editing, here are a few of my rationales for how I go about that process and a few bullets regarding reviews and edits. Your process will certainly be different, but maybe there are a few takeaways here for you. I don’t choreograph my novels, except when I expect a lot […]

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Sharpening The Pencil

  I’m not tired of fiction writing, by any means. But I do tend toward predictability if not occasional outright laziness in my writing, and that’s why I’m spending time editing a 20+ year-old piece of poetry. Now, I don’t pretend to be a poet, nor do I fully understand contemporary  poetry. And that’s why […]

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Wars of the Annunaki, by Chris Hardy – Part 2 My last post on this book, written halfway though the reading posed a lot of questions, some prescient, some unwarranted, some remaining unanswered. First let me set the stage for Professor Hardy’s project here: She has examined texts of both Sumerian language and the later […]

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Take Heed of What You Read (Part 1)

Wars of the Annunaki – Nuclear Self-Destruction in Ancient Sumer, by Chris Hardy I’m going to do something here I haven’t done before – I’m going to make comments on this book before I’m done reading it. Of course, more will follow. Comments isn’t quite right; instead my reading so far (somewhat less than half […]

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DNA of the Gods – The Annunaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity, by Chris H. Hardy

I came to this book largely because of it’s title – I’d been looking for some scientific explanation for the origin of DNA; what I’d been finding, though, was an acceptance of the existence of DNA and little more, other than that of its inner workings. And this book did nothing to further my desired […]

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