He With The Most Books

True story: There was, a couple of decades prior to the year 1000 AD, an aging French bishop, known only by the name Father Gerbert. He cared little for church politics and was considered to be at the end of his career within the church hierarchy. He was “stranded” at Reims, France, and considered something […]

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A Human Seed Within Nature

Next month, July 12, will be the 200th birthday of Henry David Thoreau. The man most remember as just another author read in high school English classes, was in fact an early American man of letters, an archetypal naturalist, and a person both reviled and respected for his moralist posturing. William Howarth, a Thoreau scholar, […]

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Oil and the Human Soul

    A Million Fragile Bones, by Connie May Fowler More and more, it seems, there are two paths humanity can take as we wend our way through our evolutionary steps and missteps. One is to retire into enclaves, in which we’ll have our technology to filter our water, to purify our air, to grow […]

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Democracy Scorned

There’s a fine article in the June 2017 issue of The Atlantic by Graeme Wood about Alt-Right guru, Richard Spencer. I make note of the article, “His Kampf,” only because it’s fine journalism and Wood’s writing is elegant. Still, it gives great insight into the Alt-Right’s political underpinnings and its aspirations for the current administration […]

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Kiddies Can Be Curious

This week I’m beginning something new – something I’m barely aware of – books for kids, i.e., kid lit. I’m starting it off with a new series begun by a civil engineer from Atlanta – Sammy Powell. In my estimation Powell has natural storytelling skills for this age group, and as a result he’s a […]

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