A New World of Writing

There was a time when fiction writing seemed pretty singular and glamourous. From my pre-pube years through college I was taken with the great American fiction writers of that era: Steinbeck, Hemingway, O’Hara, Flannery O’Connor, Paley, Roth, Dos Passos, and others. They made their bones, a lot of them, as journalists, paid their bills writing…

The Andrew Wylie Rules How the literary agent still makes millions off highbrow/New Republic

I always enjoy interviews with crusty, irreverent people. Laura Bennett’s interview (linked below) with literary agent and renegade publisher Andrew Wylie is downright entertaining, and it points up some truths about the publishing industry today: The industry’s intransigence over digital publishing and awarding respectable digital revenues to writers.  Amazon’s co-opting of publishing (along with Apple)…

Amazon Broadens Its Terrain/New York Times – Books

  Writers, are you looking for a new pathway to being discovered?   Then Amazon’s Kindle Singles may be the thing. The article linked below introduces you to Singles, and to their mastermind, David Blum. NYT     Visit my website here, and my FB Fan Page here for more on ideas and events that matter to me…

The Simple Reason Why Goodreads Is So Valuable to Amazon/The Atlantic

As much as AMAZON seems a bully in the book market in some ways, they’re not complacent, as the article linked below shows. Grabbing Goodreads will give them a window into readership habits and trends. Good for both readers and writers doing business with AMAZON to know. The Atlantic

Retreating to Summer

  Poets & Writers, March/April 2013   Sometimes writers just need to get away from family and day job and hobnob with other writers, you know? So every year about this time P&W publishes an issue on retreats for writers, this being 2013‘s version of that. Some are romantically impractical, others are hardy and inexpensive….

How Dead Is the Book Business?

The crux of this article makes its title something of a misnomer. The real issue is: Will the tech giants, such as Amazon and Apple, ignore the innovations of those scrabbling about in their wake – and eventually damage the U.S. economy? NYTimes

The Blue Bike’s Last Promo

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