Writing A Book Review, Are You?

My World War II novel – or I should call it more accurately a fictional biography¬†– is out in advance copies now, and I’ve asked quite a number of friends and acquaintances to read and review the book. All seem more than willing, but some¬†half are wringing their hands over writing a review. So what’s […]

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Ever read a novel or a book of short stories or novellas and wonder if the writer is really writing about herself? That no matter the subject matter or story direction, the author is simply projecting himself as a character into the book? This is one of the peripheral tenets of post-modernism, particularly, the process […]

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Guess The Line’s Source

Today begins a new series. For the next few days, I'll give a beginning line – or a more widely known interior line – from a famous novel. Your job, should you accept it, will be to name the novel, and its author. A caveat: no fair Googling the line, which will surely turn up […]

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