Writing A Book Review, Are You?

My World War II novel – or I should call it more accurately a fictional biography – is out in advance copies now, and I’ve asked quite a number of friends and acquaintances to read and review the book. All seem more than willing, but some half are wringing their hands over writing a review. So what’s […]

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Yes, It’s Me. But Who Am I?

Yes, it’s me. But who am I? This is a tandem question sure to amuse writers, whether they write fiction or nonfiction. And not a few savvy readers will offer up a smile at this as well. I met a woman once who performed body massage work called Rolfing. She was also a decent folk singer and […]

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Thunderous Silence Speaking Volumes

I’ve had to let slide, for obvious reasons, promotional activities of my book from 2013, Sam’s Place: Stories. But as I begin to consider that again, I recognize that I’ve had reactions to the book ranging from “Good on ya!” to thunderous silence. Why the kudos? And why the silence? I have a fairly good grasp […]

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Writers and Problems

I really like this quote, about a sensibility you learn in writing classes, but I think it tells only half the story. Not ony must the problem emerge, but it must ensnare charcters, maybe change the world they live in to a degree.

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Painting Character and Plot

We talk occasionally about the unity of story, how it's supposed to hang together and keep us interested. But my writing pal, Lyn, brought me a tough question recently: How do characterizations fit into that unity of story? At first thought – they don't. Characters are discrete, individualistic, and don't seem to led themselves to […]

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