Revolutions and Writing

It’s been said that the best creative writing comes from periods when political and social revolutions are happening. I suppose the drama of a revolution is a part of that, and the intellectualizing or rationale for the revolution generates situations and characters that writers can easily work with. But a quick survey of modern revolutions and their […]

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Beware of the Hiccups

It’s been my experience – from my own writing and workshopping and editing others – that most problems – call them hiccups – for writers working on novels come in three places: the beginning the middle the end I don’t really have tongue in cheek as I write this, and, no, I don’t mean writers […]

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Literature’s Separate Reality

Part 2 – The Re-Enchantment of the World – Secular Magic in a Rational Age, Edited by Joshua Landy & Michael Saler   I promised another post on this book a couple of weeks ago, emphasizing these essays’ approach to literature. After some thought, this:   I often hear from readers that such and such […]

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