Revolutions and Writing

  It’s been said that the best creative writing comes from periods when political and social revolutions are happening. I suppose the drama of a revolution is a part of that, and the intellectualizing or rationale for the revolution generates situations and characters that writers can easily work with. But a quick survey of modern revolutions and […]

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The Biz of Books

To be committed to the profession of writing today requires both an ability to write well and a business sense unique to each writer’s goals. For me this has meant starting my own publishing arm. My promo efforts, which include a solid website, a thoughtful blog, and a strong social media presence, have seemed lacking […]

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The Brave New Future

  Note: I occasionally post on magazines; I’ve always read them, and would seriously bemoan their passing. While I don’t have the time to do all the mags justice that I might have an interest in, I do try to post regularly on the ones I think have the most substance to offer readers.   […]

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The Artist and the Work

GF Readers, I’m finally back, my eight-day absence caused by a total knee replacement, and I’m more or less in the pink once more. Thanks for hanging in there with me and GF.   The Writer’s Chronicle, December 2013   Writers, how much have you thought about your personal relationship to your creative work, completed […]

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Dave Brubeck Lives On

Years ago, when my learning curve at guitar was a lot steeper, an old pal, Alan Joyner, and I played around with 5/4 time. As a musical metric, it was a mind-blower for both of us. Of course, Brubeck’s famed Take Five brought that meter into prominence, not because odd-timed jazz had become so popular, […]

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