The Memoir Of A Beloved

The death of a beloved is an amputation. ~ C. S. Lewis ~ I’m fortunate. Not many writers are in a position to have two books launched at about the same time. While things are being worked out with Omonomany Publishing for final publication of my WWII fictionalized biography, The Third Reich’s Last Eagle (some early readers wanted […]

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A Pittance For Your Soul, Mister?

In browsing through the latest copy of Writer’s Chronicle magazine  my thumbing stopped on an interview with famed writer and writing teacher, Ursula K. Le Guin. I usually pass over interviews because they’re normally about the struggles of writers embedded in academia or some such, and they’re usually parroting the same stuff . As in “if […]

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Redemption and Violence

When I can’t thing of anything much to say about writing in general, or haven’t seen a movie, or not much rubs me right about communication technology, I, out of desperation just may post something I’ve written. This is one such night. The following story was inspired by part of Cormac McCarthy’s cowboy trilogy, but […]

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– – A first signing for Sam’s Place: Stories – – Asheville, NC, Accent on Books, August 17th at 11 am. Bring a friend – send a friend. Click on the link below for the book’s trailer. You can find out even more at:

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Anna’s Crisis – and Lévin’s

Anna Karenina – Section Seven, by Leo Tolstoy   image via There’s been a slowly fructifying issue in the story to date, and I haven’t been giving it its due: that Lévin is slowly creeping toward an existential showdown within himself over religious belief. In this section, having read book after book of philosophy […]

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Inanity and Meaning

The Seventh Seal – cinema by Ingmar Bergman Not every film made is replete with action, adventure, and their consequent joys and sorrows. Bergman's famous film goes where cinema hardly treads these days – it's a meditation on death and the search for meaning between birth and death.  Set in the Middle Ages, during the […]

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