The Memoir Of A Beloved

The death of a beloved is an amputation. ~ C. S. Lewis ~ I’m fortunate. Not many writers are in a position to have two books launched at about the same time. While things are being worked out with Omonomany Publishing for final publication of my WWII fictionalized biography, The Third Reich’s Last Eagle (some early readers wanted […]

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The Look of Love

I had a conversation last night with a very good friend about a subject related to the quote below. While love seems an abstract in this day and age, what would you say is its manifestation? Children? Family? Spouse? Friends? Your nation? All these factor in, but what of all that is yours to “own?” Yourself, […]

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The Hollowness of Deep Space

Interstellar – The Movie A friend, who had seen the movie previously, asked me to accompany her to see the flick for her second viewing. We saw it from stadium seating on the really, really big screen, the theater on Tuesday night almost empty so we could ooh and ahh to our heart’s delight. Did I […]

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Love and Mice

There's something of an accepted technique to short nonfiction writing, i.e., the author uses a minute and very specific life experience to demonstrate a much deeper and broader facet of life. In the winter 2011 issue of Creative Nonfiction magazine, Susan Cheever examines relationships between humans and animals – feral and tame – beginning with […]

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