A Jones I Never Anticipated

I think I’m an addict. No, no, not what you have in mind; not street skag and not the more commonly accepted uptown coke. Certainly not opioids, although I have a longstanding prescription for a small amount to help me deal with persistent knee and leg pain. It’s writing, I think. It’s my compulsion to write that has […]

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The Little Marketer

Something tells me that I’m really getting serious about making it as a writer. I mutter imprecations at about this time each morning – I’m not getting any writing done. So what am I doing? Marketing. Making connections. Lining up book cover blurbs for my soon-to-be-released e-book, “We Are Strong, But We Are Fragile.” Checking […]

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Legality, Business, Writing, and E-books

“To complicate the charges and counter-charges over the Department of Justice’s anti-trust case and Amazon’s role in electronic publishing, a publishing trade report (Publisher’s Lunch) noted that the U.S. State Department is negotiating a no-bid multi-million dollar contract with Amazon to purchase thousands of e-readers loaded with content at a bulk discount.”

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