Rationalizing Self-Publishing

  Once established as a hybrid writer, why would you publish your own work, other than for monetary reasons? And by the way, self publishing isn’t always going to CreateSpace, iUniverse, etc. In my case I’ve bitten the bullet and established my own publishing business, Gridley Fires Books, LLC, and that’s strictly for monetary issues. […]

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A German Interlude

  The House By The Lake, by Ella Carey Genre blending is the new passion in writer land. We’re mixing non-fiction with fiction, memoir with fiction, fictionalized essays, and perhaps more I can’t think of at the moment. The skill in writing such blends into a cohesive whole is no small feat, and Ms. Carey has […]

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The Writer’s Temperament

Okay, you’ve dabbled at poetry. You’ve written a short story or two, and then you’ve been fortunate and had a memoir piece published. Now you’re considering a novel. Okay, so what are you: poet? Short story writer? Memoirist? Novelist? I tried a parse these questions in this post, perhaps successfully. Perhaps not. But every writer […]

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Art Leading the Way

  Longtime writers, with some modicum of success, usually write such books as J. M. Coetzee’s here. Writers often dredge the pages looking for writerly insights, but as is the case here, other intellectual disciplines can also benefit from such writing. The bottom line seems to be that the best of creative writing asks the […]

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The Folly and Fog of War

I’ve often heard that the ones who see the wort of war don’t talk about it; it’s the “hang-backs” who see the glory, the romance to such nasty business. Still, time can heal somewhat, and so can a decades later memoir of conflicts such as the horrendous ones on the Eastern Front of WWII.  Such […]

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