A Turning Point

  My third book, The Blue Bicycle, proved to be a turning point, both in writing and in publishing. As I wrote in my last post, while there’s always something to learn, voice and style to smooth out in a piece of creative writing, I was beginning to doubt whether I could compete with accomplished […]

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Bob Mayer’s Blog | WRITE IT FORWARD

This crusty post on Bob Mayer's blog is a must-read if you're a writer struggling to find your niche in the writing/publishing world of today. image via blueridgebluecollargirl.wordpress.com Let’s get real.  The rhetoric is starting to get out of hand.  We’ve got people equating having a book contract to being a slave.   via writeitforward.wordpress.com

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Concerned About Your Manuscript?

Had your queries turned down without a reason why? Has that agent, editor or publisher given you their gentle "Not for us?" comment after reading your manuscript? Do you want to put your best foot forward before submitting a piece of writing?  Gridley Fires may be able to help. First look at our Website, and […]

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